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Manpower Outsourcing

Qualiserve Outsourcing is the arm of Qualiserve Group that is specifically focused on the provisioning of Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing Services. QualiServe is duly licensed by the Nigerian Ministry of Labor and Productivity as an Employment Agency, Employer and a Labor Contractor in Nigeria and has been in operation for over a decade providing Recruitment and Manpower Outsourcing Services to clients across all industry verticals.

In these financially constraining times, more and more companies are thinking about alternative and innovative ways to run their operations, while ensuring economic stability, strategic development, and market growth and leadership. One of the alternative ways of daily organizational management is Outsourcing, which is simply, the contracting of a service provider to ease your workload and allows you to focus on core operations.

Our Manpower Outsourcing Service combines Manpower Recruitment, Supply and Management, and this includes the following functions:

  • Sourcing of Candidate as per clients requirement
  • Selection & Recruitment of successful Candidates
  • Onboarding and Inducting of successful candidates
  • Performance & Appraisal Management
  • Training
  • Data Base Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Legal compliance management
  • Day to Day Management of employer – employee relationships
  • Management of Resignation, Termination and Absconding of employees
  • Management of Employee benefits
  • Temporary Staffing Service

Benefits To Your Organization

  1. Focus On Core Business
  2. Reduced Cost Through Reduced Administrative & Payroll Burdens
  3. Access To Financial Intervention And Benefits
  4. Access To Comprehensive & Affordable Social Benefits
  5. Better Compliance Management
  6. Access To Professionalism And Cutting Edge Expertise
  7. Minimize Risk With Control On Seasonality

Available Resource Pool

Some resources we currently provide includes the following:

S/N Skilled Areas Years of Experience
1 Quality/ HSE Manager Above 2 years
2 Test Technicians Above 2 years
3 Welding Inspectors Above 2 years
4 Electrical, Mechanical and Power Engineer Above 2 years
5 Procurement Managers Above 2 years
6 Specialized Project Managers ( Cost & HR) Above 2 years
7 Plant Manager Above 2 years
8 IT Engineers Above 2 years
9 Business Development Officer Above 2 years
10 Operations Manager Above 2 years
11 Risk Management Specialist Above 2 years
12 Document Administrators Above 2 years
13 Cable/infrastructure Engineer Above 2 years
14 Customer Service Personnel Above 2 years
15 Administrative staff Above 2 years
16 Front Desk Above 2 years
17  Logistic Officers Above 2 years
18 Sales Specialists Above 2 years
S/N Semi-  Skilled Years of Experience
1 Drivers 2 years and above
2 Janitors 2 years and above
3 Office Assistants 2 years and above

Why Choose QualiServe?

As a professional Manpower Outsourcing Company with a huge wealth of experience, we ensure our services are tailor-made to suit our clients’ requirements while ensuring that the statutory Labour compliance issues are adhered to.

Backed with an unparalleled level of professional back-office support team, we take our time to understand your business processes, company culture and the key business drivers, in order for us to attract and engage the right kind of personnel to join your team.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our professional team for a further discussion or clarification of our proposition. Thank you.